I can still remember my surprise as a boy when I cut an aluminium tube diagonally… It resulted in a beautifully flowing ellipse.  The basis of a shape and modifications of it has kept me fascinated ever since.  Lines and surfaces meet, intersect, melt together into a shape; soft, sharp?  That is the basis of all of my sculptures. How do I combine elements of form into an intriguing whole?Searching
My sculptures are a quest, a continuous study.  Every discovery that I do, laying with volumes, lines and surfaces inspire new forms, lines and surfaces.  I study the results my hands make.  It is unstoppable, irreversible.  Everything I discover is the trigger for a new step … a continuous process

I work mainly in stone, a fascinating material.  Stone is solidified time, you can feel the eternity in which it is formed in your hands… It has resistance, it is time-consuming to process, heavy, rough, strong but also fragile and soft to touch when polished.  The possibilities and impossibilities of material and form challenge me.  When they are in balance they form a beautiful unity that can last an eternity. I like working ‘to the max’ of what is possible. Complex forms to the extreme in materials, the way it is carved and finished.

Around me
I get my inspiration from things around me; It can be anything;  A simple shape, a form in nature, a movement, a sensuous line in a body, a posture.  The shapes mesmerize me.  It is pure form mostly without meaning.  Lines and surfaces flow into each other, cut through each other, form solidified movements in which a spectator sometimes recognises something.  All elements of the sculpture like light, shadow, volume, geometry, residual space, texture try to capture the attention of spectators. I try to ‘catch’ them with my forms