Rob Zweerman, Sculpture, Eindhoven, Lessons, StoneIn my studio Ruimte in beeld’. I provide sculpture lessons in stone for advanced sculptors on Tuesday mornings.

The emphasis is on design and the discovery of a more structural and focused way of working. How do you make a certain shape in stone? We work both manually and mechanically. Registration via the website Ruimte in beeld or send me an email.

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Free sculptural & spatial design

Rob Zweerman, Sculpture, Eindhoven, Lessons,At Creative Centre ‘De Wiele’ in Geldrop I provide lessons in free sculptural and spatial design on Monday evenings.

Design and shape in the broadest sense of the word, not bound by a specific material; Play and discover form. Think about working in wood, metal, plastic, stone, plaster, concrete, or any other conceivable material. Registration via the website of ‘De Wiele

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