In 2007 I started sculpting in stone. Trained as an Industrial Designer (Design Academy Eindhoven 1992) I missed the ‘hands-on’ contact’ with material in my job. Moreover, I was curious to further develop the autonomous side of design ‘So I got started’. 

In 2011 I started my one-man business in which my activities as a (product) designer and sculptor were combined. With Creative Context I support innovation and development processes in companies (working with my head) and on the other hand I make sculptures – autonomous and commissioned (working with my hands). Both activities complement each other and keep me in balance.

My fascination with form and the surprising quality of the material with which I work ‘lead’ me in every shape I make.  I search for beauty sometimes in abstract or technical forms and sometimes in organic and figurative shapes.  I joined the sculpture group ‘Ruimte in beeld’ in 2009. We work from our studio ‘Ruimte in beeld’ in Nuenen (near Eindhoven, Netherlands).

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